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Divination has been a part of my life almost as long as I can remember. My grandmother gave me my first tarot deck when I was thirteen, and I have spent over two decades learning to use the cards as a tool for focusing my awareness, opening the door to listening. The person who first taught me what divination was all about said that it’s not important how you shuffle and lay out the cards, but that you should always do it the same way. This forms the action into a ritual, so you can slip out of your ‘thinking mind’ and really start to Listen. In Vodou, the spirits who mediate between our world and Bondye, or God, are called lwa. Working with the Lwa has given me direct experience that there is always help available to us from the Invisible realm, if only we can quiet our minds and really hear what they are saying.

Divination can be used for many different purposes. A reading can be helpful in providing clarity about what is going on in your life right now, or to determine the cause of a particular problem or source of imbalance. It is also used to interpret the meaning of significant dreams, and to receive guidance from the realm of Spirit. In my practice, the main purpose of divination is to bring yourself into alignment with your own spirit, and with the energetic forces operating in your life at the present. Divination allows us to shed light on that which lies beneath the surface. It can be a tool for bringing balance and alignment to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

I am currently working out of my home as well as working in partnership with Crescent CityConjure in New Orleans. Readings are also available over the phone. Call or text to set up an appointment.

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Consultations are available in person, or over the phone.
½ hour appointment : $75
1 hour appointment : $120

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Dressed Candles
Burning a candle is a good way to focus a prayer or intention. “Dressing” a candle before you light it involves adding herbs and oils to focus your particular intention. One of the services I offer is to dress a candle for you based on an intention or prayer we can craft together, based on what comes up in your reading. Call or text for details.

Magickal Herbal Baths
Magickal, or spiritual baths involve crafting a particular combination of herbs to be added to your bath water to help further a prayer or intention. Baths can be taken for cleansing, protection, for drawing work, or any number of purposes. Similar to the dressed candle, I can create a magickal bath blend for you based on an intention drawn from your reading. Call or text for details.

Introduction to the Tarot: This is a zine I wrote a few years back, based on the notes from a class I was teaching. It’s a good introduction to the structure, theory and interpretation of the cards. $7 plus shipping, call or text to order : 504.813.0148

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Although Casey’s path to Spirit has taken many twists and turns, study of the tarot has been a constant for over 20 years. She currently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana, giving readings, teaching classes and working at Maypop Community Herb Shop. Casey was also initiated as Manbo Asogwe – a priestess of Vodou in the tradition of Haiti – in 2011. Her most recent passion is singing with Trendafilka, a musical project and an exploration of the female voice in polyphony, rooted in the vocal traditions of the Balkans. Read an interview with writer and fellow reader Michelle Embree here

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"Casey Leigh is the real deal. I send all of my friends to her and see her myself regularly.  I always walk away with a better understanding of whatever situations I am inquiring about. She truly helps me see all sides and helps me to better understand where other people may be coming from. She is a true healer and intuitive and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
>>> Lucy O., Artist

"Every reading I have had with Casey over the years has been accurate, insightful and infused with wisdom and kindness. Her insights help me put all the pieces of my life together to understand where I've been, where I am and where I'm going."
>>> Gillian Rose, Acupunturist

“Casey was able to help me see my higher purpose, past all of the layers of doubt and thoughts that keep me from trusting my own intuition. She reads hearts, not thoughts, which is the strongest truth there is. Thank you, Casey, for spreading your beautiful gift.”
>>> Paige Schneider, Reiki and Yoga practitioner

“I have been seeing Casey for about a year and a half and I can say that she has been not only intuitively correct in her readings, but also helpful as a guide towards significant decisions in my life. I am inclined to trust my own gut feelings, but Casey’s wonderful and informative assessments give me information that enables me to make even more comfortable and assured choices than I would alone.”
>>> DJ Rusty Lazer, Co-founder of New Orleans Airlift and Dithyrambalina

“Talking to Casey always gives me much needed perspective and insight into my personal and business life. I trust her to read things to me accurately and intuitively, giving me a better understanding of the whole picture even when I only initially go to her asking for one specific thing.”
>>>> Corinne Loperfido, Artist

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